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Protect Your Dog From Breed Specific Legislation!

Turn your Doberman into a Poodle!
(available now)

Doberman into a Poodle

Turn your German Shepherd into a Golden Retriever!
(coming soon)

German Shepherd into a Golden Retriever

Turn your Mastiff into an Old English Sheepdog!
(coming soon)

Mastiff into an Old English Sheepdog

Are you sick of people looking at your breed of dog in fear because politicians and the media are saying things like:

"We want to breed these dogs out of existence".

Well worry no longer, AttackChi will be making disguises for all the so called "dangerous" breeds.

These disguise kits are a response to Breed Specific Legislation (BSL).

BSL affects dogs that are well socialized, have a friendly temperament, or have received dog training.

> 10 Steps to Protect Your Dog from Breed Specific Legislation <

doberman smelling
1) Unwrap your kit, let your dog sniff everything.
doberman strap
2) Fit the under harness to your dog, adjust the straps to suit.
doberman tags
3) Put some duct tape tags onto the harness.
doberman padding
4) Put some padding on top and tape it to the tabs.
place over doberman
5) Place the coat over your dog.
doberman foot
6) Line up foot with 'special foot insertion device'.
doberman foot?
7) Place the ankle piece on the foot.
now poodle foot
8) Remove the foot insertion device and fluff up the ankle pieces.
doberman look like sheep?
9) Put the hat on your dogs head.
doberman in coat
10) Take your dog outside and paint it black. (Use paint supplied, safe for humans and animals.)

Breed Specific Legislation Solution

What a lovely dog!

poodle disguise for doberman1
Submitted by Kristi
Garys Poodle
Submitted by Gary
Franks poodle
Submitted by Frank
Corrines Poodle
Submitted by Corrine
^ Other happy customers, please send your pictures! ^

These disguises are a response to BSL.

What is BSL? Breed Specific Legislation is any law that singles out a breed of dog, based on how a dog looks (i.e.: its breed).

What is the problem? Dogs that are well socialized, have a friendly temperament, or have received dog training are still harshly targeted under the legislation. This is unfair!

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AttackChi is a non profit awareness raising website that reduces the chances of entire breeds of dogs being locked up in cages, or being euthanased by making pro-bsl people think twice about harsh and unfair blanket bans.

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