About US

Attackchi.Org.Au was launched in early 2013. The reason? To consolidate all the information related to obtaining an electrician services. Currently, the information is scattered in cumbersome, outdated state pages, which are difficult to navigate and use.

Attackchi.Org.Au gathers all this information neatly in one place, so that a potential candidate can quickly assess what is required in order to obtain electrician services. We cover all levels, including electrical services, Electrical & Lighting Designs, power point replacement and many more.

On top of that, Attackchi.Org.Au features helpful articles discussing crucial aspects of the services of an electrician, including the day to day work issues and problems. Finally, we feature news from the industry and write reviews about a variety of tools that an electrician might need.

In conclusion, if you are already an electrician, or you are an aspiring one, Attackchi.Org.Au is your #1 resource for your daily reading! We hope you enjoy our site and find it really helpful!