What Does It Cost To Hire An Electrician?

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What does it cost to hire an electrician? This is a very relevant and important question that many people are searching to get a convincing answer. On an average level, the hourly rate of a licensed electrician lies between $50 and $100. If there are some parts to be replaced, you need to pay more. The complexity of the project decides the exact cost. When all aspects are taken into consideration, the cost of hiring an electrician for a project stands in between $160 and $506. The project expenses and hourly rates vary based on the nature of the project, experience level of the electrician and license type.

What Does It Cost To Hire An Electrician

Two different types of hourly rates

You need to expect two types of hourly rates with most electricians. There is difference between the rate of an electrician gets paid and the price he is going to bill. Some professionals include overhead, travel, and supplies in the hourly rate while some others offer in-depth bill by separating all other expenses from hourly rates.

Individual electricians charge lower fees compared to professional companies. Big electrical companies don’t perform small jobs like fixing lights or switches. Some individual electricians are prepared to do all types of works including side work or minor ones without making you worry about the overhead of a large electrical company. Individual professionals charge lower fees compared to professional shops.

Vital cost factors to bear in mind when choosing a local electrician in Perth. Distance, experience and project complexity influence the cost of hiring a professional. Distance makes an impact on the cost.

Electricians include travel costs to your home from their destination and vice versa. The cost involved with visiting any supply stores (if needed) are also added into hourly rates and project costs.

Experience or license grade influence the price

You can find electricians with three license grades including Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master. The cost of hiring a journeyman is higher compared to selecting an apprentice. A master technician always charges the highest price because he has more qualifications, experience, testing skills, and knowledge.

The complexity of the project affects the cost

The complexity of the project makes an impact on the cost of hiring an electrician. You cannot expect the same price for installing a switch or light fixture and running a fresh circuit through finished walls. The complexity increases the duration and the prices also go up as well.

Average rates different electrical services

The average cost for repairing a ceiling fan is between $50 and $200. If you want to install a new ceiling fan, you need to pay around $250. $550 is the price you need to pay for installing an attic fan. The average cost of repairing an attic fan is between $200 and $400.

Average cost for other types of repair works and installation services are:

  • Generator repair – $250 -$1000
  • Generator installation – $3500
  • Smart home automation – $1200
  • House wiring – $550 -$750
  • Replacing an electrical breaker – $100 – $160
  • Upgrading the entire electrical panel – $500 -$1600
  • Outlet & Switch/ Socket Installation – $150-$250
  • Light Fixture Work – $150 – $ 750

What does it cost to hire an electrician? These are the most important aspects that give you a clear idea about the cost of hiring an electrician. It is always advisable to hire an electrician with a good track record and reputation to get excellent results at the most affordable prices.